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Flyhi finance makes it easier than ever to finance your child’s education. Pay domestic education course fees by opting for Fly Hi Finance's Shiksha Education Loan. Interest rates are as low as 0%* and we offer a flexible repayment schedule

Borrow collateral-free loan

You don’t require any collateral to finance your education fees

Quick, paperless process

Our Loan process is quick & easy and with paperless documentation

Direct payment to institutions

Once after the sanction of your loan, your education fees is directly paid to the institution

Zero Prepayment Charges

There are no hidden, prepayment or foreclosure* charges in our education loan

Flexible prepayment schedule

Our education loan offers flexible loan tenure and repayment schedule

Low Interest Rates

Our Interest rates are as low as 0%*

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What We’re Offering

Loans available for every step of your learning journey.

We at Flyhi Finance understand the importance of education and its ever-increasing cost. But we do not want you or your child to compromise at any stage of your education life cycle. Therefore, we offer loans to pay fees for:

K-12 School

Paying a large amount for the whole year\semester\quarterly in one transaction can create a financial crisis. At the same time, you won't want to compromise your child's education. Don't worry, we'll pay on your behalf according to your school's payment schedule and you'll reimburse us through a streamlined EMI without disrupting your monthly budget.

College and University

Don't let the high annual cost prevent your children from having their hearts set on studying in India and having the best possible start to their careers. Stay with us, and we'll help your child through college while giving you manageable, affordable EMIs.

Vocational Courses

A down payment is preventing you from launching your professional career. Do not be concerned; we will assist you in financing your vocational course costs and provide simple repayment options.

Professional Skill Development

In the highly competitive professional world of today, upskilling and reskilling are crucial. We pay for your tuition, whether it be for an EdTech course or a distance learning program, and you pay us back in worry-free, affordable EMIs.

Coaching classes

For your child to be accepted into the college or university of their choice, it's critical for them to receive competitive scores on their secondary and higher secondary school exams as well as high rankings on entrance exams. By using Fly Hi study loans and repayment through worry-free, affordable EMIs, the best options are provided.

Executive education

Executive education programs are appealing to working professionals who want to further their education. But occasionally they are constrained by family expenses. We are prepared to assist. Family expenses won't hold you back with our convenient monthly repayment options.

What We’re Offering

We have Quick & Easy Loan application process


Start your Study Loan application by clicking "Apply Today" or "Apply for a Study Loan Today"

Quick verification:

We will review your application and give you a decision within minutes

Execution of Loan documents:

On approval of your study loan, we will send you the loan documents for E-signing, payment & E-mandate registration links

Loan disbursement:

we will directly pay your education fees to the institution as per fee payment schedule on completing the above process.

Eligibility: You are eligible to avail the study loan if you are.

At least 21 years of age

You should be Indian resident having a valid proof of address

Having regular monthly income

Having more than 1 year of work experience

Documents: We require the following documents.

Identity and Age proof : PAN and Aadhaar card

Income proof : Latest 6 months* Bank statement, reflecting applicant’s income

Address proof : (if it is different from Aadhaar): Either of Driving License, Passport, Telephone, Electricity , Mobile or Gas bills (Not older than 2 months)

Customer and Partner Testimonials

Chanda Bhatt - Customer

Extremely satisfying and seamless experience. Helpful staff, effortless procedure. As I was busy my entire form and procedure was filled by the staff itself with minimum interaction. The required amount was credited in to account with comparatively zero interest I would recommend flyhi finance 200%

Jaynil Patel - Customer

Flyhi Finance made my education dreams possible! The simple loan process was incredibly fast and efficient!

Priyaraj Arya - Customer

I greatly appreciate Flyhi Finance for providing me with the financial support needed to concentrate on my studies without undue stress. I wholeheartedly recommend their services.

Saurabh Maurya - Partner

Flyhi Finance's flexible loan options are perfect for our students. The partnership has been highly beneficial!

Pulkit Vasudev Pandya - Customer

Flyhi Finance's flexible repayment plans were perfect for me. Highly recommend them.

Abhijeet K - Customer

One of my family friends son secured his education loan quickly with Flyhi Finance. Their rates are competitive, and the service is excellent